Services & Facility

What you get:

  • Absolute 1st Class Granite Block & Structural Steel Construction.
  • Flexible designs that allow for full two story offices with glass “commercial” type fronts.
  • Multiple uses – Hangars for Aircraft , Corporate Offices, Aviation Related Light Manufacturing, Commercial or Retail Space, Storage (boats, motor homes, etc.)
  • Concrete Runways & Taxiways
  • 6000ft Runway 12/30, 4300ft Runway 5/23
  • Handles all Business Jets & Medium Size Commercial Aircraft

This is a unique opportunity for those that need hangar space, a “Toy Box”, office space, a location for commercial, retail, or light manufacturing space or has a need for a multi-use storage space. By using part of the hangar and leasing out a part to produce income, these hangars are ideal for an investor.

Convenient location:

  • 15 min. to Daytona
  • 45 min. to Orlando
  • Convenient to all Central Florida area attractions, Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, SeaWorld & more.

Our Structures:

  • Granite Block & Structural Steel Construction
  • Full width, 18′ height Bi-Fold Hangar Doors
  • Inside Height for 2 Story Offices
  • Attractive Glass “Business” Type Fronts
  • Can be Tailor Built
  • Award Winning Landscaping


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